Asian Restaurant


Thai Wok

SpicyC1. Volcanic Sea
Crispy, yet tender, fillet sea bass drenched in red curry sauce, rejuvenated w. bell peppers and Thai basil leaves. In addition to it all is the Thai Green Eggplant
SpicyC2. Seafood Lover
Bundle together in a metal dish are the shrimps, calamari, fillet of sea bass, which mingles in w. bell pepper, Thai basil and roast chili sauce
SpicyC3. Sweet Crispy Whole Fish
Fried whole red snapper fish w. sweet and sour chili sauce
SpicyC4. Thai Basil
(Choice of shrimp, chicken, beef, tofu and veg).
Mixture of chilies, onion, string bean and bell peppers, sauteed in Thai basil sauce
SpicyC5. Frog Legs Spicy Basil
Sauteed frogs legs w. basil leave, onion, string bean, bell pepper in special sauce
C6. Bangkok Pork Chop
Pork chop grilled and marinated in black pepper and Thai herbs
C7. Duck Tamarind
Crispy boneless half duck w. tamarind sauce
SpicyC8. Ozen Thai Spicy
(Choice of shrimp, chicken, beef, tofu and veg).
Sauteed w. special home made hot sauce, chili peppers, string bean, bamboo shoots and basil leaves
SpicyC9. Duck Vegetarian Basil
Sauteed duck vegetarian w. string bean, onion, bell pepper and basil sauce